The Easiest Way To Do A Juice Fast

I have successfully completed 10 juice fasts in my life, 5 to 7 days each. At the very least I totally should get a sticker for my car for doing that. I love juice fasts. Afterwards I feel incredible both inside and out. My innards feel all clean and shiny, and my outwards...well, I usually lose 7 to 10 lbs each time so that's a nice result. New Year's resolutions are right around the corner and weight loss always seems to top the list. I'm not going to dig around with the ins and outs of juicing here. There's plenty of websites out there to do that. What I will tell you is a secret method I've come up with that makes juice fasting so much easier!

Ice cubes.

So, one of the big bummers of doing a juice fast is the daily prep work that goes into it. You juice and juice and juice, and then it just never tastes like a steak dinner followed by an ice cream sundae so there's always an element of disappointment and boredom. And then you juice, and juice, and juice some more and frankly, it's quite expensive.

I'm going to say it again: Ice cubes!

See, you can prepare for your juice fast  and cut down on the cost by shopping the sales ahead of time. Juicing 30 oranges or 10 bunches of kale at once is way easier than juicing them as a recipe.

Pour the large batches into ice cube trays and immediately freeze them. Yes, some nutrition will be lost during this process, but I'm willing to sacrifice this negligible amount for the sake of my sanity!

When it comes time to "eat" just put your cubes in a cup and let them melt, or mix them in a blender for a "smoothie."

Seriously, I'll never juice any other way again!

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